Accomplishments of the Port of Corpus Christi

During the tenure of Ruben Bonilla

Commissioner 1998 - 2010

Chairman: 2002-2010






    •  Construction of the Port's $60 Million Security System

    •  Construction of Port's Security Command Center

    •  Construction of the Fulton Corridor

    •  Construction of Major Interchange at Carbon Plant Road & IH-37 for Tuloso Midway ISD

    •  Federal Authorization of Channel Improvement Project

    •  Removal of Tule Lake Lift Bridge

    •  Construction of the Ortiz Center

    •  Permitting for La Quinta Trade Gateway Project

    •  Construction of Cotton Compress Facility at La Quinta

    •  Project Partnership Agreement with the Corps of Engineers for the La Quinta Channel Extension

    •  Sale of Port Property to the City for Whataburger Field

    •  Completion of Mary Rhodes Pipeline

    •  Completion of the Loop Rail Track at the Bulk Terminal

    •  Improvements to the Military Storage Yard & Rail Access (AI Speight Yard)

    •  Dredging of Bulk Dock 3 for Military Layberth

    •  Construction of the Water Taxi Dock

    •  Railroad Master Plan

    •  Environmental Cleanup of Harbor Island

    •  Installation of Vessel Traffic Information System

    •  Expansion of the Port's Cargo Storage Yards




Awards and Citations


    •  Designation as a Strategic Military Port

    •  AAPAAwards for Public Relations and Environment

    •  Environmental Management System Certification

    •  Federalization of the Rincon Canal

    •  Member, 2030 Committee to Study Texas Transportation Needs

    •  Participant and Speaker at the 2006 US-Cuba Energy Summit in Mexico City

    •  Participant and Speaker at US-Cuba Business Conferences in Cancun (2002) and Havana (2003)

    •  Panelist at US-Cuba Trade Conferences in Savannah, Georgia, and Tampa, Florida

    •  Lecturer at Emerging Trade with Cuba at the University of Texas at Austin in 2009.

    •  Panelist at the Free Trade Alliance Conference ("Preparing for the Expansion of the Panama Canal") at the Port

                 of San Antonio





    •  MPO Transportation Policy Committee Chairman

    •  Marketing Initiatives in South America, Central America, Mexico, China, etc.

    •  Trade Shipments to Cuba

    •  Travel Representing the Port

    •  Support of GulfIntercoastal Water Way Between Corpus Christi and Lower Rio Grande Valley

    •  Advocate of Better Intermodal Connections for the Port (1-69, Port-to-Port, etc.)

    •  Dialogue with China, i.e., TPCO

    •  Development of Wind Turbine Cargo Business

    •  Board of Directors for the Free Trade Alliance

    •  Participation with Laredo Chamber of Commerce in PCCA / Laredo Corridor Meetings

    •  Periodic Meetings with then U.S. Ambassador to Mexico, Tony Garza, to Discuss

    •  Increased Cargo Opportunities

    •  Testified before Texas Legislature on Numerous Port Bills

    •  Testified before the U.S. International Trade Commission in Support of Free Trade with Cuba

    •  Worked to Increase the Number of Stevedoring Firms Serving the Port of Corpus Christi to Develop a More

             Competitive Environment for Cargo and Services

    •  Negotiated the Inclusion of the Chilean Navy Tall Ship Esmeralda in Sail South Texas 2010






    •  Purchase of the La Quinta Property

    •  Purchase of Property from the Driscoll Foundation for Construction of the Fulton

    •  Corridor and the Proposed Viola Rail Yard

    •  Purchase of the Fireboat

    •  Purchase of Additional Property Next to NSI

    •  Purchase of Security Marine Patrol Boats






    •  Military Layberth Contracts

    •  Privatization of the Corpus Christi Public Elevator (ADM Lease)

    •  Texas Treasure Lease






    •  Transfer of Naval Station Ingleside to the Port at No Cost (Kay Bailey Hutchison Legislation)

    •  Agreement with Texas A&M to develop Naval Station Ingleside

    •  Improvements to Major Dock Facilities

    •  Revisions to Port Investment Policy

    •  Revisions to Port Health and Dental Benefit Plans

    •  Operation Iraqi Freedom Deployment Cargoes

    •  Numerous Oil Dock Maintenance and Improvement Projects

    •  Redevelopment ofNueces Bay Power Plant by TOPAZ

    •  Expansion of the Foreign Trade Zone

    •  Harbor Island Master Plan

    •  Provided Representation from San Patricio County on Port Commission

    •  Establishment of a Port Police Department

    •  Partnering with Port Aransas on GLO Coastal Erosion and Protection Grants

    •  Rincon Industrial Park Plans

    •  Cruise Terminal Study

    •  Legislative Changes

    •  Establishment of Port Wellness Program

    •  Reorganization of Port's Senior Management to Increase Efficiency and Expand Cargo

    •  Development

    •  Increase Financial Support of Corpus Christi EDC, San Patricio EDC, and Chamber of Commerce to Expand

              Business and Tax Bases.




Vision of the Future


    •  Replacement of the Harbor Bridge

    •  Deepening and Widening the Ship Channel

    •  Completion of the La Quinta Trade Gateway Terminal

    •  Full Reutilization of Naval Station Ingleside

    •  Widespread Diversification

    •  New Cargoes from the Expanded Panama Canal

    •  Startup of TPCO Steel & Pipe Plant with Direct Highway Connection to La Quinta

    •  Startup of Las Brisas Plant

    •  New Industry Along the Fulton Corridor

    •  Improve Highways in South Texas (SH-44/59, SH-77, and IH-69)

    •  Construction of Major Rail Interchange Yard Along Fulton Corridor

    •  Completion of the Engineering School at Texas A&M - Corpus Christi

    •  Widening and Deepening of the Ship Channel

    •  Establishment of the Port as a Homeport for a Major Cruise Liner (Once Harbor Bridge is Elevated)

    •  Continued Redevelopment of the Northside, Beginning with the Completion of

    •  Improvements on Port Avenue from IH-37 to the Museum Centers

    •  Economic Reformation of the Rincon Canal to Revitalize Corpus Christi Beach

    •  Establishment of the Port as a Permanent Military Layberth Center

    •  Full Industrial Development of the Driscoll Foundation Property

    •  Full Utilization of the Refrigerated Warehouse Under Private Management to Expand

    •  Meat and Vegetable Exports to a Free Cuba and Parts of Latin America

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